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There are currently 116 stalls, most are 12 x 12 stalls but some are smaller. All Stalls have muck forks, muck carts, lights and water hoses that reach each stall. In addition, most have walkways. All stalls are covered.

There are 4 Round Pens: 1 on the South side of the camp, 1 on the West side, 1 on the North side behind the barn and 1 in the rear of the camp on the hill.

Turnouts – There are 16 Turnouts Ė 6 on the West side of the Camp, 8 on the South side and 2 on the North side. Please donít hog these - Turnouts are limited to 3 hours use for each.

There are 4 Wash Bays 1 on the South Side of Camp, 1 in the Center Area, 1 on the North Side and 1 on the West Side.