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Art and Susan Belsom purchased the wooded 30 acre site in 1989 and affectionately named it 4B. Their original intention was to raise Longhorn Steers but this didn’t really “get off the ground.” 4B started with a single building which was the old house built in 1935 and it still stands today. The first order of business was to remodel the old home which was accomplished in 90 days.

Art's next project was the horse barn which was built in 1992. He also cleared and fenced the perimeter of the property. On January 1st 1993, construction of the saloon was started and work was completed in July 1993, just in time to host the State Chiefs of Police Convention.

Floyd Roy and his wife, Edgar Bains and his wife and two other couples were the fist ever campers.

The outdoor cooking pavilion was built by Art in 1994 as were four cabins in 1993. The loft was added in 1995 for his business of equipping police cars, which he did downstairs. The upstairs was for police item retail sales. The first bank of stalls were added in 1999 and the pole barn in the pasture in 2000.

Art handled exterior maintenance and construction while Susan decorated and kept the premises immaculate. Unfortunately the police car equipping business declined and forced Art to sell to Finley Matthews in 2003. Art returned to live at Rustic Sky for several years before taking his final ride from this earth on January 10th, 2023. A new Tree of Soles, on Rustic Sky premises, was dedicated in his memory where his boots were placed.

Finley built a tack room and the 2nd and 3rd set of stalls on the east side of the camp during his ownership. He also built what is now the office.

In 2008, Tony and Sambra Bettevy bought the 4B Ranch and added “Lucky” to the name. They remodeled the tack room into the 5th cabin and named it The Frontier. In 2012 they added a swimming pool and in 2013 they added another set of stalls on the west side of camp. They also added the building attached to the pavilion which is now a hair salon.

Schuyler “Sky” and Gina Wright purchased Lucky 4B Ranch in October 2015 and renamed it to the Rustic Sky Horse Camp. Prior to purchasing, they had leased some permanent spots next to the saloon and added 4 stalls plus a storeroom. They have since sold their ranch in Stonewall, LA and now permanently reside at Rustic Sky Horse Camp.

If you have information or can assist us with additional information about the History of this wonderful Camp, please share it with us.